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ELPEDISON ENERGY S.A. is α company established by three of the most significant groups of companies in Greece and Italy, i.e. HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, one of the largest local commercial/industrial groups in the field of petroleum and petrochemical products, EDISON SpA, the Italian group which is the longest-operating power producing group in Europe, and ELLAKTOR Group, the most powerful Greek business group in construction, project management, holdings and concessions in the fields of infrastructure, real estate and energy; the company is the joint effort of the three groups in the field of power production.

Since 2005, ELPEDISON ENERGY SA (formerly ENERGY THESSALONIKI) has been the first and biggest independent power producer in Greece, with total installed capacity in commercial operation which today reaches 811 MW. The company, having implemented an important investment plan worth €525 million until today, operates and manages two (2) wholly owned cutting-edge combined cycle units using natural gas in Thessaloniki (390 MW) and Thisvi in Viotia (421 MW).


KORINTHOS POWER S.A. shareholders are PROTERGIA (65%) and MOTOR OIL (35%).

KORINTHOS POWER owns and operates a Gas-fired Combined Cycle Thermal Plant of 436 MW in Agioi Theodoroi, Korinthia. Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the plant, including the GIS substation, have been carried out by METKA SA. The plant entered commercial operation in April 2012.

The company has been certified and implements: Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2008, Environmental Management System according to EN ISO 14001:2004 and Health and Safety Management System according to OHSAS 18001:2007.


HERON is dynamically active in the sectors of power production and supply since 2004 through HERON THERMOELECTRIC S.A. (HERON I) and HERON THERMOELECTRIC STATION OF VIOTIA S.A. (HERON II), respectively. Since June 2009, the Groups GEK-TERNA and GAZ DE FRANCE SUEZ participate in the above companies by 50% each.

HERON II’s Thermoelectric Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCCT) has a capacity of 435 MW and is located right next to OCGT HERON I, 4 km south of the city of Thiva, in the region of Viotia, upon the old Thiva – Elefsina National Road, in an agricultural-industrial area with an average altitude of 295m.

The selected site neighbors with the natural gas transmission system as well as the High Voltage electric transmission system of 150 and 400KV, respectively.

The station is using state-of-the-art technology in the electricity production sector. Its efficiency rate, compared with the average performance of gas-fired power plants in operation within the Greek system, results to top-ranking classification of the selected technology. The unit’s high efficiency also results to reduced fuel consumption, and thus low gas emissions (CO2), a fact that renders HERON II as the most environmentally friendly conventional power plant, right after the Renewable Energy Sources.

The construction of the station commenced in 2007 and was successfully completed in 2010 by TERNA (EPC), when it also began its commercial operation.


ALUMINIUM OF GREECE was founded in 1960, with the aim of exploiting the significant Greek bauxite deposits to produce alumina and aluminium.

The Company established its industrial complex in Agios Nikolaos in Viotia, on the northern coast of the Corinthian Gulf. This location combines proximity to the significant bauxite deposits in the Viotia and Fokida regions of mainland Greece with easy access by sea and discreet integration into the environment.

This industrial plant has a production capacity of: 800,000 tons of alumina, and 165,000 tons of aluminium.

The plant employs directly 1,100 persons from all around Greece, and some 400 persons in associated enterprises.

Since 2005, the Company is a member of the MYTILINEOS Group. The Company was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange from 1973 to 2007, when it was merged with MYTILINEOS Holdings SA.

ALUMINIUM OF GREECE has been the major force driving the growth of the aluminium manufacturing industry in Greece.

This sector employs directly and indirectly some 40,000 persons, manufacturing more than 250,000 tons of aluminium each year with a turnover of more than €2.54 billion, which accounts for 1.7% of Greek GDP.


A dynamic Group, with solid foundations and continuous profitability holds a leading position in the Greek energy sector as well as in the greater area of Southeast Europe. Its gradual transition from an oil to an energy power is accompanied by international activities, expansions and alliances, as well as from a developmental program with selected profitable investments in new fields.

The Group’s range of activities includes:
  • Refining of crude oil and fuel supply.
  • Retailing of oil products, including sales abroad.
  • Production and trading of petrochemicals and chemicals.
  • Oil & Gas exploration and production. Production and trading of power generation through Elpedison, the 50/50 joint venture with Italy's Edison.
  • Participation in the natural gas market, through the 35% stake in DEPA S.A.
  • Provision of consulting and engineering services to hydrocarbon related project.
  • Production and trading of any other form of energy.
  • Participation in the transportation of crude oil and products (pipe-lines, sea transportation).

The Group’s entrepreneurial programme includes investments mainly in the refining sector, in power production, as well as investments concerning the expansion of its international activities, with priority set in S. E. Europe and particularly in the Balkan region.


Motor Oil Hellas (MOH) is committed to being a leader in the petroleum refining business thus providing the region that it serves with a reliable and affordable supply of energy. Through its evolution MOH is now considered as one of the major contributors to the domestic economy and a key market player in the region. MOH is listed in the Athens Exchange and is a constituent of the indices: ATHEX COMPOSITE, FTSE/ATHEX 20, FTSE/ATHEX INTERNATIONAL. Furthermore, the Company is a constituent of the MSCI SMALL CAP INDEX.

The Refinery with its ancillary plants and offsite facilities forms the largest privately held industrial complex in Greece and is considered as one of the most modern refineries in Europe. Due to its flexibility it can process crude oils of various characteristics and produce a full range of petroleum products, complying with the most stringent International Specifications, serving major petroleum marketing companies in Greece and abroad. Apart from fuels, MOH is the only Lubricants producer and packager in Greece. Base oils and finished lubricants produced, are approved by International Organizations, ACEA, API, the US NAVY & ARMY. The Refinery production operations are located in Agii Theodori, in the province of Corinth, about 70 km outside Athens. The Administration and the General Divisions of Marketing, Finance and Corporate Planning are housed at the company Headquarters in a modern building in Maroussi, a suburb of Athens.


A wholly-owned subsidiary of MYTILINEOS Group, PROTERGIA S.A. is the owner and/or operator/manager of the Group’s thermal power plants and renewable energy assets. The company owns or manages, directly and/or on behalf of other Group subsidiaries, a substantial energy portfolio comprising gas-fired thermal power plants and RES plants in operation or under construction or development.

PROTERGIA’s energy portfolio is being constituted of 1.200 MW from Gas-fired Thermal Power Plants (CCGTs and CHP/High efficiency CHP), as well as of 54 MW of RES plants, mainly wind farms and photovoltaic parks, in operation. PROTERGIA owns a Gas-fired Combined Cycle Thermal Plant of 444,48 MW in Agios Nikolaos, Viotia. Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the plant, including the GIS substation, have been carried out by METKA SA. The plant entered commercial operation in June 2011.

Furthermore, the company holds a trading license for 310 MW of electricity, has developed and operates a dedicated platform for trading greenhouse gas emissions allowances, while negotiates and is responsible for the management of Natural Gas contracts.

PROTERGIA has been certified and implements: Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2008, Environmental Management System according to EN ISO 14001:2004 and Health and Safety Management System according to OHSAS 18001:2007.