Greek power problems run deeper than current crisis


Dr. Giorgos Stamtsis, General Manager of the Hellenic Association of Independent Power Producers provided Power Engineering International with a broad outline of what IPPs in the country are currently facing and emphasized the essential need for structural reform of the market.

Opinion editorial by Dr. Giorgos Stamtsis, General Manager of HAIPP for the special edition “Greek Energy 2015” by Energypress

April 2015

Energy Union, a catalyst for the energy future of Greece

Europe has put at the center of its priorities the Energy Union, building it upon five pillars: a) energy security, solidarity and trust, 2) fully integrated European energy market, 3) energy efficiency, 4) low-carbon economy and 5) research and innovation. The aim of the Energy Union is to promote a single system through which energy will flow through Europe without obstacles to competition, with an optimum use of available energy resources and infrastructure and for the benefit of European consumers.